cta cleaner

Tip: With the super sponge from The Cleaner it goes clearly faster!

Everything is possible... It couldn't be better!

Pool & Garden

With "The Cleaner" is the cleaning of boat, yacht, car, caravan, pool and garden easier than ever!


How is the cleaner used?

The Cleaner has already been successfully tested on the following materials:

GelCoat and plastic, synthetic leather, boats, fender, rescue jackets, deck, acrylic surfaces, pool slides, awnings, facades, teak and wooden floor, engine room.
The Cleaner needs no exposure time!
For cleaning is needed: The Cleaner best in spray bottle, sponge (do not use a scouring surface), soft plastic brush, absorbent cloth or kitchen roll.

Gel Coat / Plastic

The Cleaner is easily applied and the effect is instant. We simply spray the dirty part of gel coat which doesn’t have to be dry and in circular moves rub in the liquid with a soft sponge or a brush. The effect of the Cleaner is clearly visible after rinsing or wiping the treated material with the kitchen paper or a dishtowel. It removes even rain and gum stripes.The procedure should sometimes be repeated with the ingrained dirt but then even this kind of dirt vanishes.

Boat / Fender / Life jacket / Deck / Yacht tarpaulin

The cleaning of the inflatable boats, life vests and tents doesn’t present any problem for the Cleaner. We spray the liquid on the surface of 50x50cm rub it in with the soft brush or the sponge and wipe the surface with the dish towel or rinse. On the ingrained stains you should repeat the procedure.

Artificial leather inner and outer space

For inner cleaning we suggest covering sensitive materials like natural leather and alcantara to avoid a possible unwanted reaction. Spray The Cleaner on the dirty spot and rub in circular moves with a soft brush. Wipe out with a dish towel or paper. Best results you achieve if you wipe the treated surface with a wet towel and then dry with kitchen paper. You can rinse outer space artificial leather (seats, pillows…) with freshwater.

Teak / wooden floor

The Cleaner is highly effective for removing grease dirt like sunscreen or food stains from wooden floors. We recommend soaking the teak with freshwater before using the Cleaner because wood absorbs liquid easily. Spray the Cleaner on the surface and brush following the wood structure. Rinse with freshwater.

Note: In case the teak is protected with teak oil one should know that the Cleaner will remove it.

Engine room / engine

All the materials we can find in the engine room can easily be treated with the Cleaner with no fear of unwanted reaction. It quickly and easily removes motor oil dirt, grease and soot, somewhere with the help of the sponge and in hardly accessible places we use the brush.

Plastic surfaces, smooth or with structure, pool walls / foils, awnings etc

Spray the cleaner with a spray dispenser on the soiled surface. The surface does not have to be dry. Massage the cleaner with a sponge or soft brush with a circular motion and gentle pressure, then rinse with water or wipe with absorbent cloth. If very dirty, repeat the procedure. Do not clean pool walls / foils in direct sunlight, because the detached dirt can quickly dry again.

The Cleaner also cleans perfectly in the home / kitchen / bathroom.
Whether worktop, tile, fume hood or kitchen stove, simply spray on The Cleaner, rub in with a brush, wipe off and you are done!

Effective cleaning

The Cleaner Brush may be applied to all materials we treat with the Cleaner liquid because of its balanced softness but we primarily apply it on teak, gel coat and above mentioned materials with deeper fillisters (artificial leather seat stitches, non-slippery surfaces...)

For a turbo effect of the Cleaner you have at your disposal a nano sponge that we use on all washable materials like artificial leather, inflatable boats, fenders, tents. It reaches hardly accessible pores of the materials mentioned above and removes even rain and gum stripes.
Note: The sponge wears out through use. Rinse after cleaning. Before use try out on hidden spots. Not for lacquered or high gloss surfaces. Wax gel coat after cleaning.